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Thread: What's The Secret To finding Clients on Twitter or FB?

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    Question What's The Secret To finding Clients on Twitter or FB?

    Hi there --

    I keep hearing that social media (like Twitter/FB) is a great way to find new clients but I just don't understand how to go about it.

    I use both FB and Twitter and I see how they can be a great way to share information, keep in touch with your audience, promote your specials ETC.. but I can't see how someone like me (I am a Life Coach) could actually land a new client using Twitter or FB.

    What are the tactics that people use?



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    You should use Twitter & FB to answer questions, offer useful tips and advice (this can be simply a link to a post on a blog or website - also drives traffic to your website or blog) that helps establish your credibility among followers. The hope is that followers recognize the value in your tweets/posts so they get shared going viral on FB - Twitter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devjeet View Post
    don't follow people having same nature as yours(like if you are a SEO person then you will get nothing if followed other SEO companies and vise versa).

    Don't flood your account with lots of links....try to solve your follower's issue and participate in discussion.
    Totally disagree with the 1st part. I would highly recommend that you connect with others in your industry. That is networking! I don't believe in competition....make connections with those in your niche (or similar) and you'll find it will highly benefit your business.


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