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Thread: I would like to promote MY physical product

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    Default I would like to promote MY physical product

    Ok, this is all new to me...please forgive me up front

    I have a product as well as a "html" website. I currently have about 12 distributors promoting my product via word of mouth, as well as having my own customers. I've set up a separate wordpress blog at to beginning selling other products through affiliate marketing (have NOT done this as of yet), eventually. At this point it is just a blog reviewing and discussing things that interest me personally, and that I feel others would like to hear about.

    Who or what company would you recommend to assist in affiliate marketing, and HOW would you suggest setting this up. At this point my website has several opt in options so that I may follow up with MY customers. I of course am not comfortable sending my distributors' (NOT a MLM) possible customers to my site for the fear of THEIR customers opting into MY follow-up list(s). The majority of them do NOT have sites/blogs. The product is or can be one that most would like to research...I have LOADS of information on the site.

    I've thought about setting up a separate wordpress site to appear like a website for them to send their potential customers to for additional information ...I just don't understand the schematics ... how would it track their customers? Is there a way?
    Could they utilize my wordpress url using a backslash with their name?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'd like to be prepared when I go to the NAMS event with SOMETHING to offer! lol Am I over analyzing this!? I do have a banner ad to use for those that DO have sites...but they still need to be directed to a site without opt ins. At this point I have to contract a company to update my html site.

    Thanks in advance!
    Health to you!
    Michelle Kinna

    P.S. I own shares in the company for the actual product being my price point allows for offering substantial commissions.

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    You could definitely set up a separate landing page for each of your distributors with their name after the slash. You could use your WordPress directory /new/distributorname as long as you have a theme that has a template without the header or NAV menu. Otherwise you can just build html pages on your root directory.

    You can look at iDev Affiliate or ShareASale for an affiliate management system that also allows deep linking so each affiliate can send traffic to any of your pages.

    You can also set up a separate follow up list or lists for your distributors' customers and the messages then could be tailored to them.
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