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    How does one get started in a proper link building strategy?


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    There are a lot of ways to get traffic to your site. Lots of link building strategies, it really depends on your niche. Guest blogging is great for link building as is SEO and many other ways. Here is the section on Lynn's Internet marketing blog on website traffic. Hope this helps.

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    Hi, Dennis:

    I agree with Angie and do visit the page she linked to above from Lynn, also I have an article on my online business site that delves into the top 9 ways to get good backlinks. Feel free to check that out as well, between the two pieces you should be well on your way to a cohesive link building strategy. My advice would be to single out one (or two) of the methods and then put them into action. If you try to do all or most you will most likely get burned out or not finish anything.

    So try one (or two) of the methods and see it through to completion. Let us know which method you decide to try and if you have anymore questions.

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    Yes, you want to submit your site to niche directories. Also set up social media profiles, which will contain a link back to your site. Quality interaction on those social media channels will help those links in regards to quality & relevance. You can also do content marketing such as submit articles, guest blog on related blogs, set up a Tumblr blog, a Squidoo lens, etc.

    The key to link building is variety. If you get 100 new links from directories only, this looks fishy. So you want good variety and you want to build your quality inbound links at a steady pace.

    Also see:

    Hope that helps!
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    For me it's the keywords and what kinds of links you need/want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by honeyfrye22 View Post
    There are a lot of link building strategy actually, but I think the most lastest link building scheme is the packets. Specifically paul and angela packets.
    Actually, those packets have been around for a long time, but they are awful. It is just a bunch of links on PR 0 and PR n/a pages that will probably never get indexed. The value of profile links has been diminished drastically.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndriyaTailor View Post
    Well before we start link building, must consider about the on-page optimization, if our on-page does not looks seo friendly there is no point of building links for the keywords.....

    Actually, you have it backwards. Without any links, all the on-page optimization in the world won't mean a thing unless it is a keyword practically nobody searches for.

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    Link building plays a prominent role in Search Engine Optimization. You can achieve a better search engine ranking within short time by using themed one way links with relevant keywords Thus by taking expert guidance from experienced Online marketing professionals you can drive good traffic from important sites and avoid links from irrelevant sites.

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    Link building should only start after your blog is set up properly if not completely. Bad start may get things worse.. If not 100% make atleast 75% of your blog completed before you start backlinks. Directory submission followed by bookmarking is the way to start before you turn to article and syndication services...

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    Yes, there are many many methods for link building. For me, I am starting with submitting free directory, then blogging and furom, then article, then social networking.

    There is no best way, the best way is doing hard and find your own way.


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