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Thread: PVA craigslist account

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    Default PVA craigslist account

    Hi Everyone,
    I tried searching for some info on getting a PVA craigslist account but didn't see anything. Any ideas? I did get one on fivver but it only worked a few times and they're not getting back to me.


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    Hi Mary,

    From what I understand, a PVA or Phone Verified Account is simply a method of verifying you're a legitimate user. Is that correct? Can you not get one directly through Craigslist, or is there something I'm missing here?
    Lynn Terry
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    Thanks for your reply Lynn. I should have been more specific. My craigslist account was put on hold. I'm looking to get another one.


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    Just download the Text+, Pinger, or Textfree apps for Android from the Play Store (or the App strore, or Amazon, or whatever you use) - they will give you a free working usa phone number that you can use to verify a new CL account - and you can always cancel/change the phone number whenever you need to as well....A google voice number would work too - all of those are free btw


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