What smart phone do you recommend based upon your experience running an online business...I'm thinking of replacing my internet phone as the costs would be similar but I would get more features.

I like the ease of use of the iPhone, brilliant screen and long battery life but it doesn't have all the features of the Droid phones.

Features I'd like..

Ease of use
Send and receive emails anywhere, anytime
Take photos, videos (HD) anywhere, anytime.
Mobile Hotspot (to use laptop on the go)
Voice recorder
Speaker phone
Long battery life
Memory card slot
USB connectivity
Touch screen
Grace period (to check functionality)
International reach
Ability to automatically connect with Wi-Fi hot spots
Ample storage space (pics, videos)
Voice to text
Different rings to differentiate customers from family members
Application that switches off all unwanted programs running in background

A smart phone costs $200-350 plus the data plan would cost $29.99/month since I'm already on a family plan (according to a Verizon sales person). Are these the true fees or do they add additional fees above 29.99/month?

Feel free to recommend other useful features I haven't mentioned.

Thank you.