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Thread: Last Chance to Attend NAMS in February!

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    Exclamation Last Chance to Attend NAMS in February!

    You’re familiar with the NAMS Event, right? It’s a Niche Affiliate Marketing Workshop twice a year in Atlanta, and the next event is February 10-12, 2012.

    This month is the only time you can score a ticket for only $97. The ticket price is $497, but MyNams Members get an event ticket for only $97 (during September only). When you sign up, use the coupon code “MyNAMS90″ (without quotes) to get in for less than $10/mo.

    Then on the page for the Live Event, use the coupon code “LifeChanging” to get into the next live event for only $97. It’s a heckuva deal, and an awesome event!
    Lynn Terry
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    Just checking to see if there are any ladies that might be looking to share a room for NAMS? (Lynn, if I posted this in the wrong place, please let me know)

    Sherie Smith

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    Well that was brilliant - just now realized this is an old 2009 post.


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    You are a member of the My NAMS forum correct? There are some threads starting over there for roomies. Check it out!

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    Thanks Angie. Lynn had suggested that I ask over there and here on her Forum too. When I searched under NAMS, this is the post that came up. I didn't notice the old date until after I had posted. I'd much rather room with someone I have some association with (like through Lynn) than a complete stranger, if possible. I'll see about posting over there too, and thanks for the suggestion. Please keep me in mind if you hear of anyone.

    Sherie Smith

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    Well, now I really feel silly. LOL Just noticed that the 'old date' I was referring to is actually the Join Date. That's what I get for posting late at night when my brain is half asleep. It will take me awhile to get used the system again but it would help if I read it better too. LOL Thanks again for your reply!

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    No worries, there are a lot of members over there that are members of Lynn's elite group and that just seems to be the place where they post requests for roommates.

    I think Corinne and Angela might be looking and maybe a few others. Will keep my ears open!


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