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Thread: Is it worth submitting my site to directories

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    Default Is it worth submitting my site to directories

    I have seen recomendatios to get links by submitting my site to directories. Is this worthwhile and if so is there a list of any good directories I should start off with?

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    The SEO value of submitting your site to hundreds or even thousands of directories is almost zero. It doesn't hurt your site at all, so if you find a piece of software that automates the whole thing and doesn't cost you a ton of time, then go for it. Otherwise, I wouldn't waste the time.

    I always submit a new site to Dmoz, although they do not seem to accept much of anything these days. That is about it though.

    EDIT: Forgot. If you can find some quality directories related to your niche, they are well worth the time of submitting to.
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    Submit to auto approved directories using softwares. It adds less value but it is worth doing it, the links pick up over a period of time and it helps if the category is selected properly.. improper categories can harm you...

    there are free directory submitter softwares available which can help you. this is pretty old school.
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    I agree with Mike. If you find relevant directories you could submit there but don't use auto software. Google can trace your footprint online and won't look kindly at submitting to all those directories.

    Here is a blog post from Lynn on how to increase blog traffic.

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    I am doing the directory submission now, manually, not auto-software,for my new website. But I only pick up the directories with high PR, and it looks like it works. During this process, I collected some free directories. If anyone wants the list, I think I can share to save your time.
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    Hello,rubymooree, may I ask how long have you taken to submit the directories munually?

    Normally, it need some time for the directories to accept our website, sometimes several days, sometimes several months, so be patient.

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    Although many SEO guys believe its dead but yet I have found directory submission is useful for link building.A backlink from directory like dmoz,yahoo directory or botw always help you to get high pr backlink.


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