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    Is it still worth spending time looknig for and responding to recipricol link exchanges or has the power of these types of links fallen away.

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    A link exchange is a complete waste of time if you are doing a "you link to my site, I'll link to your site" kind of thing. The links cancel eachother out, doing neither of you any good.

    Now, if you have two sites (A and B), and your partner has two sites (C and D), then you can have A link to C and D link to B. Then you are not linking one to one and cancelling out the links.

    One way links are the best.

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    Thanks! How do you go about finding these sorts of links? I have had a few requets from people offering links from a dubious looking directory if I link to their money making site, that presumably is not much good either.

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    There are a couple of ways.

    I do a lot of searching and emailing of webmasters. It is kind of time consuming and tedious. A tool like Link Assistant can make it easier. There isn't a whole lot of return on your work here. You might email 200 webmasters and end up with 3-10 links. Most you will never hear back from.

    I stay away from those people who want to put your link on some stupid page with 300 other links. That is a completely useless exchange.

    I also find link partners from forums. There are many forums out there that are more SEO oriented that will usually have people looking to exchange links.

    I mostly do the link exchanges for my SEO clients. Not as often for my own sites. They can be time consuming to track down, but are worth it if you find some good ones.

    If you have money to spend, an alternative is to buy expiring domains with an already high PR, build out your own site on it, and you can link to whatever you want from there.

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    I have tried many things including manually posting and commenting on high pr sites like .gov and some forums. Effective but tedious. I also tried automated software that will sign you up for a bunch of forums. This one made me nervous since it did many links very quickly which could be a red flag.
    In my opinion buying links is the best way but you must do it from the right places and don't go crazy.
    If your website is a blog, register for blog directories. Just use Google to get a list.
    I also used a service for a while that was around $147 /month called linxboss. I split it with my brother so it was half of that to me and you get 5 sites so this may be an option if you know someone else who has the same desire. This service has a network of their own sites with different categories and puts your links on them. I don't use it anymore but the links don't disappear so I am still on page one for my desired search term even after not using them for over two months.

    I don't know if Lynn still sells the 5000 backlinks product but that is another resource of over 5000 sites where you can get one way inbound links. This is a good source but it is all manual and time consuming.

    I just got a couple of good sources for buying links as well. but I don't have them handy and I have not tried them yet. So I can't vouch for them.
    You might also want to check out The automated software I tried used lists from this source.
    Linxboss link is in my signature if you are interested. yes it is an affiliate link.
    Oh , I am by no means an expert, just sharing what has worked for me.
    Good luck
    P.S. When I find the other sources for buying links I will post them on this thread

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    Just a couple of things...

    The belief that .edu or .gov backlinks carry some extra magical ranking power is a complete myth. They are no better than any other backlink.

    Automated software can be ok. You have to have an SEO plan though and find software that fits into that plan. Too many people buy these big fancy automated tools, and then the tool becomes the plan. The only tools I own are ones that just automate processes that I would otherwise be doing by hand.

    As far a automated tools go, Linxboss is definitely not my favorite. Magic Submitter is far better and half the price. SEnuke X is also better than Linxboss, but the same price. Sick Submitter also works well, is far cheaper, but is much more difficult to grasp.

    However, instead of blowing $147/month for a tool that will create a bunch of PR 0 backlinks for you, I would take that $147 and invest in some high PR domains instead.

    I saw Angela's backlinks recommended. Those are a joke. She advertises that they are these high PR backlinks. It is garbage. It is sites that have a high PR but all you are doing is created a profile to put links in. Your profile will have a PR n/a, which maybe will move up to a PR 0 someday. The main domain does not link to your profile page, so you are not getting any of the linking power of this domain.

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    Hi MikeF421

    I just read your thread on Magic Submiiter. Dont there have too many failure rate there with the sites?


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    Quote Originally Posted by sona88 View Post
    Hi MikeF421

    I just read your thread on Magic Submiiter. Dont there have too many failure rate there with the sites?


    MS has gotten a lot better. You'll still have some failures, but not as many as it used to have a year ago. It now has sockets incorporated which is a huge improvement.

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    1:1 linking is of no use and also sidebar and footer links have very little worth from Googles point of view.. google knows what sidebar and footer links are so stay away from it and lok for sponsored posts or in text links.
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