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    Hi Elite Members

    I am putting up my first site on Adsense. Can someone please guide me as to how do i go about placing the adsense block and the size of the adsense block which would be beneficial to the site


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    Allot is going to depend on your content and audience. I have done some testing with AdSense and found that a 336x280 ad at the top of my blog post and static pages works best for me. I don't put it on all blog posts mainly because I get lazy and don't copy and paste the code.

    you can take a look at an example at

    that might give you some ideas of what you would want to do on your site with AdSense.


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    Mate, Adsense Size depends on your post and your site, for example best performing adsense units are 336x300, 728x90,300x250..

    Making adsense unit is easy, just go to create ad units and select size and all and create it simply.

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    I think you need to experiment as well, on size of ad, location on the page, type (image or text only) does the ad wrok better if it is styles to complement your site or stando ut / clash with the other elements etc.

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    You should definitely experiment to see what works best for you, but some spots (such as above the fold, close to relevant content, etc.) work better than others. Here is a heatmap that shows the most successful spots for ad placement:

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    I've had my best luck keeping the ads above the fold and keeping with my color and font scheme. I've also had good luck with using the Adsense "Link Units' right above the navigation.

    For traditional websites they work great in the upper left hand corner above your navigation.

    Hope that helps...

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    Best performing adsense blocks are 368*280 and leaderboard or 728*90. when you make it center it looks professional and gets good CTR and EPC
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    There are lots of tutorial in youtube on this issue.If you couldn't find there I suggest you to read the site of joel comm-the adsense guru and you will certainly learn useful lessons from there for sure.


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