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Thread: Ebay shop - Best ways to promote it please!

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    Default Ebay shop - Best ways to promote it please!


    I wonder if anyone has any experience in doing SEO for an Ebay shop. What works best? Writing articles, youtube videos, etc...

    Thanks for your replies

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    The best place to promote your eBay store is where your customers are. EBay has an extremely diverse range of products and, thus, a diverse range of customers. The number one place is at eBay itself, of course. Take advantage of everything it has to offer, starting with carefully keywording your item name. But if you're selling vintage Corvette ashtrays, for instance, you're probably going to want to frequent the Corvette restorer's forums. In fact, I've found forums one of the best ways to home in on a tight niche. But the first thing to do is study your product's specific market and see what they're into and find out what they do on the web.


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    One of the best things you can do is optimize your listing titles for eBay search. I remember seeing a tool from eBay that helped you build the best title but I can't remember how to find it now. Perhaps someone here can provide a link.

    Also, check into which is Lisa Suttora's site. She is a leading authority for eBay'ers and Lynn has interviewed her in the past. From time to time, she has a course on all the things you can do to get more traffic to your listings. So you might want to get on the notification list for the next course.
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