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    I have so many great ideas (and domain names and websites) but I can't seem to decide to stick to 1 to make it work. I almost think I should be creating websites and flipping them. Is anyone else in the same boat? How can I make any money with such a scattered brain? lol Is there any hope for me?

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    Sure there is hope for you!

    You can create & flip websites, or you can create websites for clients - as a service.

    You could also find a topic you REALLY enjoy and make a go of it. Here's an example of my latest niche site, and the thought process behind it:
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    Hello BaaBaaBlankies

    There is definitely hope for you.

    There are so many avenues to create a business online.

    I would say follow your passion. Creating websites and flipping them are definitely profitable and there are several people online looking for this type of service.

    I wish you much success,


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