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Thread: Any suggestions for good headphones?

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    Default Any suggestions for good headphones?

    I need a set of good headphones with microphone for Skype calls, and to use for other times when I to need to both hear and speak.

    I had a set of Logitech headphones, but just found out recently that they have an annoying hum whenever I spoke, which didn't know. So those are no good.

    I know that Lynn, at one point, started using Plantronics headphones. Don't know if she still uses them or not. They have a couple of downsides (they were wireless and when you plugged them in to charge, they couldn't be used. Not sure that would work very well fo rme).

    Just wondering if anyone else has a recommendation or use a set that you really like.


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    For what it's worth, many, many telemarketing companies use Planatronics.

    I think that is a pretty good indication of their quality.

    Planatronics makes wired headsets too. It is not all wireless.

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    I have a pair of Logitech headphones that a absolutely love. But when I first got them, I had that hum thing going on, too. Turned out to be a setting, so you might want to experiment a bit to see if it's something you can easily fix.
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    I use the Plantronics wireless so I am of no help

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    Thanks for asking this question Scott, I needed the answer too. I keep getting picked on for not being on Skype
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    Hi Scott

    I was recommended to bear dynamics. They make great headsets, but could also be a little pricey.

    You can check them out an

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    Cindy, do you remember what the setting was? I've checked in the Logitech forums and it seems to be the consensus that it is a design flaw. But if there is a way to minimize it, I'd like to try that.

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    Angie, which Plantronics headphones do you have, and do you like them?
    Quote Originally Posted by angienewton View Post
    I use the Plantronics wireless so I am of no help

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottcarey View Post
    Angie, which Plantronics headphones do you have, and do you like them?
    I have the same Plantronics headset that Lynn has and reviewed. It's been a long time and it's still working great. Just don't misplace the USB which I have done a few times ha ha

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    I am still using the Plantronics Headset that Angie linked to above. In fact, I bought a second one because my daughter also loves it (lol) and often took off with mine to play PS3. It's also nice to have one always on charge around here, given how much we both use them.

    I *LOVE* that it's wireless. I have been known to cook, do laundry, sit out on the back deck, all while on Skype calls. It's hard to go back if you ever go wireless. ;-)
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