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Thread: Now looking for recommendations for pocket HD video cameras

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    Default Now looking for recommendations for pocket HD video cameras

    I had been planning on getting a Flip camera, but when I went to buy one, I found that Cisco is dropping that product. Yes, you can still get them on Amazon, but I'm not sure that I want to go that route with the company dropping the Flip line.

    Anyone have recommendations on a pocket HD video camera other than the Flip? Like the Sony Bloggie, or the Kokak Playsport? Or others?


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    how about this one. i've seen it at the store and seems really awesome. you can use it as camera and camcorder, both with great quality. nothing is more pocket than a gun-holding camera. and one great feature that i really like is the external mic input, which is good for doing interview videos, etc. and then, it has a 10x optical zoom, which is the best quality zoom. you don't want digital zoom because it makes the picture blurry.

    didn't get it because out of my price range at the time. aiming this right now...

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    Thanks for the suggestion, but way out of my price range. The VPC-HD2000ABK is going for $1350 on Amazon right now. It does llook like a good camera, but I'm looking for something MUCH less expensive.

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    I got the kodak playsport for a do-it-all camcorder, and for the price, I love it. I can whip it out of my pocket and within seconds take good quality footage. The only complaints I have are: it's so small that it can take two hands to get a steady video (expected from any small camcorder, so I got a monopod for taking action shots), and the zoom (it's pretty slow and I believe it's only X3). Other than that, I highly recommend it. Good luck!

    You can check out some of the vids I made with it here: MXHideout channel


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