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Thread: WARNING: phishing scam using BBB

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    Default WARNING: phishing scam using BBB

    I just got a phishing email that looked like it came from Better Business Bureau. The bad english was a key tip off to me once I read it, but at first glance it appeared it could be real. Since I do have a business this could have been something I would check out and indeed I did click on it but luckily it was on my iphone and the link did not work. I notified bbb On their scam page.

    Watch Out !


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    The Better Business Bureau in itself is a scam, but thanks for the heads up.

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    It's trivial to forge a "From" email address, and sadly, it happens all the time. There's not much that legit sender can do when a scammer uses their email address, other than to post a warning on their web site.

    I'm a certified computer security professional and deal with such emails on a regular basis. I have several spam "traps" that I go through on a regular basis in an attempt to keep current on the latest tactics!



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