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    To take my business to the next level I realize I need some help. I have outsourced single projects in the past but now I need regular part time or full time support- mostly in building links, networking socially, finding things online, etc. Question: Before I dive into this I would like to read a GOOD ebook/book on the subject of outsourcing. How to do it, how to write good job descriptions, how to interview the right candidate, etc. Has anyone read a good book on this?
    For those of you who have outsourced to a VA or other regular helper do you have any Do and Don't advise for me?

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    Haha.. Reading a book on it. That will help but it's not a necessity. It's not a big thing, outsourcing. Once you do it for a while you will get the experience. I will give you some suggestion.

    When writing job description be sure to give all the job details exactly as it is. You would want to weed out those are not fit for the job. Specify the workload and the pay rate, so that they can decide on whether they can do the job or not. Ask for qualities you look for in the right candidate and ask them to provide with job experience.

    After you chosen someone you still need test him further by giving real work to do for a week or two. If he meets all your expectation, hire him for long term work. Also avoid giving upfront if you can, instead split the pay into milestones.

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    Nicole Dean has which may be of interest to you. There's a free report at the top of the page. I haven't taken a look at it, but I should - I've been meaning to review it. I know Nicole does a lot of outsourcing herself, and has been on the other side of that too as a full time Affiliate Manager for Jimmy D Brown, so she definitely has some insight.
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