Many of us daily have to deal with friends, family, spouses, etc who, while they may think they have good intentions, are basically dream killers. I admit it, I don't know what I'm doing, but have what I feel is a good idea, have had it affirmed to me by co-workers, friends and folks on this site.

Steve Jobs was quoted in a commencement speech that " should look in the mirror and live your life everyday like it's your last, because at some point, it will be." I want to step away from the safety and security of the wall where my friends and family hang out and walk to the middle of the dance floor and dance, but I have a spouse, who I love dearly, who isn't supportive.

Dreamkiller is a bit harsh... Realist is too easy... but she's somewhere in-between. I share my thoughts and ideas with her and I just can't gain much traction. Anybody working thru this or have any advice?