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    I am new to affiliate marketing and have a web site up and developing. I have been working on it through a course I purchased online as well as searching through other sites and podcasts for info. I see so many discussions of spinning content or using PLR and then I also hear content is king. Which is it? I have been writing articles and adding info to some web 2.0, but I am considering investing in spinning software. Any thoughts advice to the effectiveness and ethics of spinning?
    I enjoy this forum as compared to some because the slant seems to be very business oriented and developing a long term vision vs other forums/gurus that just seem to be all about flash and grabbing the money.

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    I don't personally spin articles nor do I recommend it. I think it's just better to get more unique content out there now that Google is keeping a close eye on things. You can however submit your articles to various article directories and they don't have to be changed. You can just repurpose your current content.

    Lynn has a category on her blog about content development/creation. Lots of great info!

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    Thanks. That is good to know. I was unsure if you could submit the same article to different sources. I will check those blog posts for more info.

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    I would not link a spun article directly to your site but they can be a strategy. Create a web 2.0 site such as Wet Paint or Hub Pages where you can control the anchor text in the links. Make sure you have quality content on these web 2.0 properties. Then write a quality article and link it to the web 2.0 property. Then you can use spun articles and mass submit them linking to the quality article. This way the "link juice" or any PR (page rank) will trickle down through the links back to your site.

    A site like Hub Pages currently has a PR of 6. When you start a new page or hub on the site it has a PR of 0. With this strategy you can build the PR of your Web 2.0 or network sites up.

    I would not invest in article spinning software though it is not worth your time, money and effort to figure out how to use it, spin article, then submit them all. In which you will need more software to do it.

    You can go to the warrior forum and pay someone $15 - $25 and they will create huge link wheels and spin the content for you with programs such as XRummer or SENuke.

    Be aware that this is considered spamming the search engine. But you did ask about article spinning which is a spammy thing to do in the first place. Creating quality content is always the way to go. the closer the content is to your site. meaning directly linking to it or linking to a site that links to it. The better you want the quality to be. These are what people are going to be reading and following the links.

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    I actually dont like spinning articles! Actually its time that everyone of us started avoiding this as Google Panda 2.2 is gonna raise! SEO experts all over are advising against spun articles..

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    Yes, I agree. I am just focusing on social media and producing as many good articles as I can muster.


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