Hello Forum Members-
I have a website that I purchased and was designed with WP and was customized from the Lifestyle theme. When I down loaded the site all there was in the zip file are folders Custom Theme,Graphics,Plugins, Index.php, setup guide but no htlm files to edit the code. I have a bunch of .php files. The website is http://www.4greentechenergy.com. I can go to view code and see the html code, is that the file i change and reload to the host or do I change the .php files. What I want to do is change the nav bar to add more categories to broaden my product lines. I have added plugins to get the results that I have now. I have never worked with .php files.
Hope this helps explain what I want to do, also if I can modify the code I would like to use this theme for other websites.

Terry P Mielcarek