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Thread: is surveys and friends a scam?

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    Default is surveys and friends a scam?

    I’m looking at the Surveys and Friends site. I posted a comment for them on their site... but I’m still wondering if it’s for real.

    Does anyone has experience with it? Are they a scam?

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    gatorx Guest


    Paid surveys are not a new thing in the internet. From what I've read, surveys and friends gives an opportunity for you to earn money for you own opinions and the opinions of your friends. It connects you to many factions that want a survey done thus create a good platform for paid surveys.

    Scam sites will certainly have some strange characteristics. You can judge whether it is scam or not by taking a good look of the site.

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    This is from their site:

    ’Surveys & is the latest generation of paid survey sites. It brings you a fresh approach to making money with your opinion because it enables you and your friends to take surveys in a way that is mutually profitable. It’s unique and powerful!’


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