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Thread: How Humor Pays Off

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    Default How Humor Pays Off

    Dan, you may be onto something with your WaHumor!

    Sometimes it pays for us to get a little sidetracked and silly in our community here. I love that we laugh and have fun here.

    I cracked up when I first saw that Nicole Dean had used the domain name as a redirect for my home office fitness program.

    Then the conversation got silly yesterday when we began talking about cheerleader shorts that say "Computer Butt" on them.

    Well, when I was out for my bike ride today I had an idea... ya I always get great ideas when I'm out for a bike ride or walk. It's one of the benefits of incorporating fitness into your workday.

    As I tweeted to Julie Anna when she asked me what I do to remember the ideas during my bike ride... I actually attach my Flip video camera to my handle bars with a JOBY tripod and when I get an idea I hit record.

    Then when I get home I act on the idea.

    Anyhow, I was thinking about "Computer Butt" when I was on my bike ride today and thought it would be cute to create an entertaining video series called, "Super Computer Butt To The Rescue"

    I would have comment annotations from my butt cheeks telling me to get off my butt and get moving. Basically I would be having conversations with my Computer Butt

    I could get silly at conferences and film video of my computer butt talking with another computer butt and asking it if it has time for a 'quickie' hehe

    I need to brainstorm the idea, but if I keep it cute, entertaining, educational, and as a fun reminder to pull away from the computer for a fitness quickie break, I think it could be something that catches on.

    What do you think?

    Nicole... what do I owe you for coming up with the phrase Computer Butt

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    OMG, I love it! That's hysterical! It would be tricky to not offend ...ah, you know, people that could get offended - but, if you could work around that to make it work - it would be too funny - and would DEFINITELY without a doubt - brand you as the fitness expert for WAHM's and WAHD's!!!

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    Never underestimate the power of WAHumor, people!

    I got a big kick from Nicole's domain name too.

    Go for it!!


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    LOVE this idea!

    Since I'm completely visual - my mind's eye saw red tights under yellow satin running shorts (you know like from the 80's when I was a kid) and "waggly" eyebrows over each cheek ;-)

    Anyway, when you come to NAMS in January (you'll be there, right?) then you can video all sizes of computer butts & I'm sure all (most?) of the Elite members there will join in....just write the script!

    In the meantime, maybe some of your fellow computer butt friends can send in lil videos of their computer butts with cries for help from SCB (Super Computer Butt)


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