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Thread: Keyword Ideas for Domain Name

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    Default Keyword Ideas for Domain Name

    Hi Elite Members

    I have found some amazing keywords for example i have got some great KWs on mini dresses, pencil dresses/skirtssummer dresses /skirts etc

    Now rather than creating different sites for each category like mini skirts, pencil skirts , summer clothing /skirts/dresses i want to set up one site having these different categories and want some ideas/help / suggestions for a domain name for setting up such a site


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    Sona, would you like this to be posted in the elite group or on the main forum? Right now it's on the main forum but I can move it into the elite section if you want to keep this private. Let me know before we start chatting about domain names.

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    Dont mind if its in the Elight group


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    Dont think i have access to that group


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    I show you as an elite member. Can you see the extra elite forums here? If you can see those, you have access to the group.

    But if you don't mind it being here on the main forum we can proceed. I would not worry too much about a keyword domain as it doesn't carry a ton of weight anymore. It's the content/pages/posts on the inside that will carry the weight.

    So maybe something like Sonas Dress Shop? Dress shop is a keyword phrase but it's very competitive however it would work as a main domain. Then you can optimize on the micro level in side of your blog through posts, categories, pages, etc.

    Will you be making and selling dresses? What is the goal with this site? Could be very fun!

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    Well i aim to develop it as a site on all soughts dresses and skirts and all types of mini skirts /dress , wedding dresses, summer dresses from Amazon cause i have really found some excellent KWs on different types of dresses. In short lets say trying to develop an authority site since i have atleast 40/50 KWs on different types of dresses and skirts and hence i decided to develop it as one site rather than developing individual sites on different dresses/types of dresses


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    One site is a great idea! And you could even promote accessories for the dress (shoes, purses, jewelry). Looking forward to seeing the site take shape. Will you blog or will it be a static site?

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    Would not like it to be a static site and want to keep building it up with the latest trends if possible

    Yet looking for ideas on the domain name since thats too competitive a phrase to get into


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    OK so you want a blog, that's good to have fresh content and have a community around your site.

    Again, you don't need a keyword rich domain name to be successful so I would still recommend something with dress shop in it if it's going to be all about dresses. Otherwise give us some more ideas on what you'll include and we can brainstorm more ideas.

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    Well here i go

    Dont know how i can represent it in a diagram out here but let me try


    Home will be my home page where i will briefly describe what my site is going to be about based on my domain KW and will use the same here as well as the KWs which will on CP-that is the is the category page KWs which will be more easier to rank for as compared to my Home page

    SCP will be the sub category pages which will be based on KWs on Category Pages and will be even more easier to rank for Example of CP would be Mini Skirts and example of SCP would be black mini skirts These are only examples which are coming off as i type the same.

    The SCP--sub category pages - would be followed by the LTKWs and with lesser volume and much easier competition to rank for KWs. The internal linking structure would flow upwards from LTKWs to SCP to CP to Home Page and also the backlinks would flow in the same direction so i will initially start ranking for my LTKWs and ultimately the link juice will flow and rank my site better in the long run

    Would invite suggestion if my idea for the same is feasible

    Though i did find a domain name it was very good for the global market but did not have a good search volume for the US market so i am hesitant in selecting the same

    If the search volume were more or less the same i would have no doubt have selected the same but there was a vast difference in the search volume between the two and hence discarded the same

    Further example

    Wedding dresses

    Wedding Gowns

    White Wedding Gowns




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