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    I just launced a new website. I've had several customers. Is there a short cut to get more traffic?

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    Congrats on your launch!
    What are you doing for traffic right now? Lets start from there...

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    First answer the question, "Where are my potential web visitors hanging out now?" or "Which blogger or website is attracting my target audience?" Then put yourself in front of your audience there. That might be in a forum which you can join and become active and helpful. You might be able to guest blog on another site. You might create content on social media like Facebook, Tumblr, Squidoo, Pinterest, etc.

    You should also ensure that you've done the basic SEO work on your site and then continue writing content regularly optimized for your keywords.

    Finally, look for others in complementary niches with whom you could cross-promote.

    I'm sure others here will have other suggestions.
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    The only shortcuts I know involve spending money. This includes Adwords campaigns and solo ads. It's quick and effective, but will cost money.

    In addition to the ideas suggested above, you can look to see if your target audience has a big presence on Facebook. If so look into Facebook ads to get their attention. Again this involves spending money though.

    If you do find them on Facebook and are interested in getting ads, then you might want to consider having a Fan page to send them to. It will be easier for them to go to another place in Facebook than actually leave the website. Plus you can build your page up to also promote your services/products as well.

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    Time is money. Spending time on some things might cost you money.

    If you send people to facebook via paid traffic, use an app to send them to a page that encourages them to like rather than the default timeline.

    Its worth buying a custom domain name and redirecting it.

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