I am starting a local business, it is based in Wyoming. I will have a website along with professional envelopes, letter head and business cards, which will be made here locally.

The name of the business is Cowgirl Up Virtual Assistant. I would like for the logo to have a western feel to it because our town and state are based around the west. The saying for the State of Wyoming is "Forever West"; that is why I chose this name.

I will be specializing in transcriptions, but I want to be a virtual office assistant as well.

The logo does not need to be huge. I will be doing my own graphics for the website logo, business cards, envelopes and letter head. I just need a simple logo that gives off a western theme...cowgirl hats, boots, horses and horse shoes are really cool. Keep in mind that I am 51 years old. I don't want some sexy cowgirl. It needs to be very business minded.

Please PM me if you are interested with a price and time frame.

Thank you,
Cynthia Overfield