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Thread: Newbie seeking support - how to find less competitive affiliate niche or products

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    Default Newbie seeking support - how to find less competitive affiliate niche or products

    Hello Lynn, thank you for creating such a wonderful environment. It is my first time here and I am loving it. I am new on this internet business, trying to start affiliate small website but I am struggling to find a less competitive niche or products to promote. Is anyone able to point me to the right direction?

    Other than that, it is really wonderful to find a place like this. I know I have not got much experience to contribute to the community yet but I sure look forward to learning and then paying forward in the distance future.

    thank you everyone

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    Welcome Chelsea! Glad to have you here.

    You might find this blog post of Lynn's really helpful to get started

    How to Make Money Online for Beginners

    And her most recent blog post Is Affiliate Marketing too Competitive? is great too.

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    Hey there Chelsea,

    I agree with Angie, read Lynn's post about competition. There's no need to worry abou that, competition is a good thing and it's not as competitive as it appears. Just choose a niche you will enjoy and start building your business from there. A business takes time to build so choosing something you will enjoy is the most important thing

    Good luck with it all.

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    I like how some great marketers have been promoting the idea that there's no such thing as too much competition. I think that's great!

    I've never really worried about competition and I've often just gone ahead with something just because I like the idea and not because I think that there's low enough competition for me to slip into the market and carve out my space.

    I think that everyone has their own strengths, interests and passions and - no matter how many other people there are out there covering the same or similar topics - they can't cover it in the way that you can cover it. No one can offer something from your perspective so everything that we work on (as long as we're doing it because we enjoy it and because we're bringing out own personality and our own perspective to the table) there's no competition at all because we are all unique in the what we're doing and the way that we do it. No two people have the same life experience and so no two projects can ever really be the same.

    What I've come to find more recently is that it's possible (in fact, more than possible - it's almost guaranteed!) that if we stick to doing things our own way, that "competition" actually turns out to become friends, business partners and business contacts that actually become mutually beneficial.

    What's especially great is that, as social marketing and content marketing is meaning that we can get more traffic and readers from social sources as opposed to simply who's at the top of Google - it means that it's much easier (and enjoyable) to share other people's content and ideas and create a tight network where people are actually supportive of each other instead of in strict "competition" with each other. It makes business and marketing much more natural and ten times as fun - and I think that that style of marketing is available in every niche.

    I would definitely stick to something that you enjoy and that you think that others can benefit from too. I would never worry about competition at all because it closes off so many avenues for us when we do.

    That's my opinion anyway. I hope that helps!

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    Angie - thank you so much, I read the article and has given me a clear direction. Wow! your website looks great too!

    Jedha - thanks, I will do just that. There is too much noise around and without focus, one runs the risk of becoming just another victim

    Nathan - I congur! I have read handful of websites, especially from people who claimed to be expert and i find myself struggling to spot authentic info. thanks

    once again, thank you all.

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    Glad we could help, Chelsea!

    Don't hesitate to hang around and ask more questions.

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    Welcome Chelsea

    Please do let us know if you have any questions, or just want to brainstorm topics.

    There is a private area here at the forum if you want to discuss details less publicly. But we're here too if you're game to start brainstorming niche ideas!
    Lynn Terry
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    True, don't worry about competition. When I started out, I didn't even know that I could be in competition with anyone.

    The first affiliate network I joined was Amazon (I have one of their old affiliate-ID's without -20 in the end), and then I started to use an awesome email client, and became an affiliate for it, because I already was telling everybody how super-duper it was. It made us a LOT of money back then!

    I've tried ranking for keywords with little competition, but I didn't really feel for the product (a special toothbrush, just to name a thing), and I didn't rank.

    I've chosen something I was passionate about with millions of competitors, and I'm in the first page of Google, without really focusing on backlinks or other things. I just wrote about it, because I loved it.

    So go with your passion. It will work best in the long run.


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