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    Hi Elite Members

    Has anyone experienced the recent google slap and share their experience and how to overcome that in future and what was the major cause of the same

    Can any1 elaborate on it


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    Nope haven't experienced anything different. The best thing to do is keep producing great content, get active in social media and do everything by the "Google books"

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    Thanks Angienewton


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    I had two clients get hit by it because of activity they had done before working with me. One used a very shoddy, but popular, backlinker on Warrior Forum. The other used a bunch of spammy fiverr gigs. I warned them this day was coming.

    The new update is called Penguin, and its primary purpose is to go after sites that are promoted using spammy linkbuilding techniques. In that regards, it succeeded pretty well. You need to be extra careful about maintaining a clean backlink profile, especially if your site is not a super authority site (which 99.9% of websites out there I would say are not).

    If you got hit, you need to start cleaning up your backlinks or hire someone that knows how to do it for you. I've started doing it for a few people that asked me to, but to be honest, it is much harder than the normal SEO work that I do, and so it is much more expensive.

    Good luck!

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    Just curious - how would you go about cleaning up backlinks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kayla Fay View Post
    Just curious - how would you go about cleaning up backlinks?
    Depends on the type of backlinks. If you paid someone to create crappy forum signature or forum profile links, it is just a matter of logging in to each forum and deleting them.

    If they are blogroll, footer, garbage articles, etc, you have to email each webmaster and ask them to remove the links.


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