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Thread: Looking Forward to Being Here

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    Thanks. I just wish he would do more with his blog but he tells me he has no inclination or drive with it... he's busy enough as is. He's been a world traveler since age 24 (now 26)... France, Spain, all the Scandinavian countries, many states and now he is in Germany (he has more friends over the world than I have friends that I've met in my whole lifetime). Wonderful for him but somewhat sad... we never see each other. I say relish the time you have with your daughter and enjoy every moment, time moves so quickly and you can't go back. Sorry for the mussing. Ah, from this point on, I'll keep copy more relative to what this forum is actually about.

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    Good for him! I imagine you are very proud.

    My son has already left home, turning 21 this year and doing fabulous. But I miss him like crazy. I'm very fortunate he stays in touch with me like he does - and yes, enjoying every last minute with my youngest (daughter) before she leaves home! ;-)
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