I have not posted on this forum before. I am back looking to start an online business again, having tried unsuccessfully a few years ago and given up. Now I am more serious about it, especially as the joy in my work is decreasing and the income is fixed.
One issue is great at stopping me going full out and it has surfaced again today.
I am a social worker in child protection at the moment. It is not a job in which I want to attract a lot of attention online as I may make myself vulnerable. Also employers/ clients etc may do a Google check and I wonder how they'd react to see a whole other identity showing up!
Many kinds of internet marketing do depend on being public. I bought a product this morning and it suggests using Linked In to find prospects. I also think being a woman with an odd name doesn't help...!
Sometimes I think of focussing more on social work related topics. But as Lynn said somewhere, when you've done it all day you want to do something different...
Anyway I'd appreciate any thoughts/suggestions. The internet feels like such a small world ! I do go round in circles in my head about this and it is wasting precious time.


Sandy G