@ stormy - Thank you so much for the book title. I hadn't heard of it and just glanced at it over at Amazon. Sounds similar to the book I may one day write about my own experiences. And, yes, I've thought about that, but as you suggested, it would most likely reveal enough that people could figure out who wrote it so, will likely postpone it for a while.

As for the blog, I've been away from the religion and the people in it for so many years now that they honestly know practically nothing about me/my life/who I am/what I've been through since. So all my experiences getting through depression (which is what the main focus of my blog will be) they know nothing about. Therefore I think I can get away with blogging (rather carefully in certain spots) about that without revealing too much that my identity is revealed. (My mom doesn't even know a fraction of what I've been through since leaving the religion roughly 25 years ago.)

To get that distance from all those people, once I realized the religion was just plain wrong... I literally had to move to another city, and eventually 1000 miles away. Now I'm at the point in life that I need to go back to look after my mom. I want to do that and I feel it's the right thing to do. The real trick is going to be blogging about all this stuff right there in her house without her reading my blog... lol. I think I can manage it as I'll be writing ebooks on unrelated topics at the same time so can always just tell her I'm writing about fish or something. We'll see.

Now I'm off to order the book!