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Thread: Has anyone used a payment processor called Noca?

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    Default Has anyone used a payment processor called Noca?

    I have been scouring the Internet and my brain these last few days trying to figure out how to accept payments from clients in ways that are more convenient for them without my having to use PayPal. Without going into the details of why I don't want to use PayPal yet once more let's just say I don't wanna (said in the spirit of a little boy pouting and setting his mind to something LOL).

    So leaving the issue of PayPal and why I don't wanna use them let's move on...

    Has anyone used a payment processor called Noca?

    It is presently working with Facebook and was mentioned in TechCrunch ( so it's not some tiny fish. It's reputable enough to start being noticed.

    And it's fees are outrageously low.

    I think I will sign up to use them but just wondered if anyone had used them or had any experience with them at all.


    PS. After careful consideration and various polls I have started I think I will be using Amazon Payment Systems to accept credit card payments over the internet. It's an alternative to PayPal that I can live with. Noca is just another one that will allow me to save on a lot of fees if it turns out to be everything that it seems advertised to be.

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    I think I would probably do a bit more research on this Noca. I would go with the more well known payment processors just to be on the safe side. BUT I have never used anything other than Paypal to accept payments so I could be way off base ha ha. Hope someone can be of more help!

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    I'll definitely do more research on Noca Angie. For sure.

    Incidentally if you are ONLY using PayPal may I suggest that you are losing customers along the same lines as those who NEVER offer their visitors a chance to pay through PayPal.

    While there are definitely people who will not buy UNLESS PayPal is offered there are just as many if not more people that will NEVER buy through PayPal.

    And the anti-PayPal crowd is far more passionate about not using PayPal than the PayPal people are about using them.

    You might want to consider offering an alternative to only using PayPal. Just saying Angie.

    I got a poll thread around here somewhere where I polled about the use of PayPal. Within that thread is a link to another forum where I started a similar thread and where some vehement anti-PayPalistas came out of the woodwork. People who will NEVER, EVER use PayPal. They won't buy from you. Something to consider.


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    Hmm...very interesting...

    Noca has been mentioned by CNET, digg, Hubb pages, and has even had a story written up about it on Reuters.

    Very interesting indeed!


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    I just read through the Noca terms of service. Very reasonable compared to the likes of PayPal (I'm the kind of guy who reads all agreements I agree to ).

    I decided to sign up with Noca. So far so good. I am waiting for two small deposits to be made by them into my bank account that will enable me to confirm ownership of my bank business account to Noca.

    After that I can accept e-check payments! No fuss. No excess fees. No nothing! I feel like saying praise God!

    This could be the answer that I have been looking for.

    Yes...I will miss out on some who absolutely insist on using PayPal regrettable as that is the pool of potential customers over the Internet is absolutely HUGE. I can afford to lose a few to gain the many.

    No chargebacks hassles. Money goes directly into my bank account. Money is not held by a third party like PayPal. Super cheap transaction fees...I mean super cheap. No monthly fees of any kind. No yearly fees of any kind. I can cancel at any time with no cancellation fees.

    It's too early to tell how Noca will work out in real life use as far as working as it is advertised to work but if it does...I can now offer my services to anyone anywhere in the U.S. and offer them a convenient way of paying me for my services.

    A way that is less prone to identity theft than using credit cards. e-check payments directly through ACH processing!

    I believe Noca, unlike the likes of PayPal is subject to regular U.S. banking laws too!

    This looks like a real breakthrough for me and my business.

    It was started by two former Visa executives apparently...who felt there was a need to offer a payment process that was far less expensive than what was available.

    Business owners need to get on board and start supporting the likes of Noca if we are all to benefit in the long run and promote healthy competition for the likes of PayPal. It's not for everyone but for me, offering web development most definitely doable as a payment method. Like I said...the ocean I am swimming in just got a whole lot bigger. I am no longer bound as a matter of practicality to accept payments only from local San Diego merchants or those who live near one of my bank branches!


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    Thanks Carlos but right now I don't sell anything except via affiliate marketing. BUT when I do get my own products out there I will have to think about this for sure.

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    I've dealt a bit more with Noca now that I have signed up with them.

    It may turn some people off in that it's a bit rough around the edges. There are some mispellings on their web site pages. It's a bit confusing sometimes how to integrate it into one's web site. Their customer support is a bit slow.

    I have the impression that they are outsourcing their programming to India...which is neither here or there I guess. It may explain why their rough edges are not fixed more quickly.

    But they seem sincere in trying to do better. They were even willing to let me arrange a teleconference with the owner of Noca! Which says a lot about their willingness to acknowledge and try and work through their rough edges. I declined to talk to the owner as I did not see a whole lot of value in taking my time to do that.

    All I care about really is that they process check payments accurately. Which remains to be seen as I have not yet used them to accept client payments. But I will.

    I figure if my clients grow to trust me it won't matter what payment processor I use. Perhaps I am foolish in believing so but that's the way I have chosen to operate for better or for worse and that is in fact the way it has worked out for me so far.

    It's not as if I am selling an impersonal widget. My services are intimately tied up with me and who I am as a web developer. I would hope that I am worth something as a developer operating in integrity and dedication to my work and that clients won't make a decision about me simply because I don't offer PayPal. I mean some will. But like I said the pool I am swimming in is huge. I can afford to lose a client here and there. I can only handle so many.

    The money with Noca goes straight into my account so there shouldn't be any problems. We'll see.

    I think it is just downright ridiculous the way PayPal has become this giant behemoth that the rest of us must bow down to. It has grown too big for it's britches. To all our detriment in that we are entirely at their mercy if we get on their wrong side. Whether as a result of something we did wrong or just because PayPal has a burp.

    Given that I have some alternatives to play with I absolutely refuse to bow to PayPal.



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