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Thread: Wordpress vs GoDaddy Website Template - Security/Backup Issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by writeraniac View Post
    I do install my sites with Fantastico on Hostgator. I buy my domain from GoDaddy, but host on Hostgator. So, are you saying that I shouldn't use Hostgator's Fantastico program anymore?

    I have my work cut out for me. But my new business is extremely important to me and I must get it right from the very start.

    Thank you so much!
    Glad to hear that you're hosing with Hostgator. They're top-notch, but you should definitely not use Hostgator's (or any host's) Fantastico or other automatic installer. It is super easy to install WordPress manually, if you follow the directions they give here:

    Or if you prefer, you can hire a techy to do it for you for not very much money. PM me and I'll do it for you personally if you like.
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    Hi Deb,

    You're very welcome.

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    That should keep you in the loop.
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    Hey Debbie,
    That's a very good question and one that stopped me from using a password manager for way longer than it should have, so I understand your concerns for sure. The one thing I began to realize was that it's impossible to create 'strong and secure' passwords and recall them without keeping them written down or stored somewhere and that actually puts you at more risk than anything else. The thing that threw me over the top was when I learned two people on my most respected list - Liz Jamieson (web developer) and Regina Smola (WP security expert) recommend and use it themselves. I figure if they feel it's secure enough for them then I'll be just fine.

    The basic LastPass is FREE, but you can subscribe to the premium version which gives you mobile access. You can always login to your account from a public computer but you will need to login to your personal 'vault' and you have options to make that a safe process too.

    There are a couple of 'tricks' I've learned to setting up and organizing the records for Last Pass so I'll look to write a post to cover those and stick it up on NGBT in the next few days - follow me on Twitter or sign up for the NextGenNews at the site and you won't miss it.


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