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Thread: Shout out for great Job

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    Default Shout out for great Job

    I needed graphics for a niche video creation ebook I am launching in a couple of weeks, so I followed up with an offer of an ebook graphics design that fellow forum member Michael Schultz put up.

    All I can say is you are NUTS if you need a design and do not take him up on his offer.

    Talk about painless, efficient,and quick, I can not say enough on how pleased I am with the result of the finished product and his willingness to get it done.

    I have followed Lynn for awhile, seems all the nice guys and gals hang out here. Only been on the forum a short while hope I manage to put something back.

    Regards Russell

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    Welcome Russell

    We call Michael "Magic Myke" - he rocks! Glad you had the pleasure of working with him. I'm sure he'll be pleased to see your feedback here!
    Lynn Terry
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    Magic Myke is pretty awesome I hope you'll show us what you had done when it goes live online.


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