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    Default domain name / child web

    Need some advice...

    My process is to register a domain name for a niche and direct is to a sub-folder on my main hosting account. (i.e.: I use the niche name for the folder. It's easier for me to keep track of things.

    Well, I just noticed in Google searches that when articles are ranked...they don't identify the domain name. They identify (

    How can I get this to just show the niche domain?


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    I talked with my hosting company and they indicated that they don't allow 'masking'. Has anyone else ran into this? I'm just worried that I'm not portraying a professional image if my "niche" domain is obviously pointing to a directory somewhere else.

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    Thanks Shane...

    I spoke with my host (BlueHost) and also (HostGator)...I don't really want to switch providers so I was trying to get as much info as possible. lol

    HostGator said no problem...create a sub-directory, point your domain to it...done.
    BlueHost first said that was domain masking and not allowed. Then they came back and told me I just needed to upload a robot.txt file and prevent Google from indexing my main sites sub-directories.

    So...right now I'm in the middle of educating myself on all the Webmaster Tools at Google and figuring out how to upload robot.txt files and sitemaps. ;-)

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    I felt compelled to update...even though it makes me look like an idiot. ;-)
    (...but I guess I've learned some more about Google's Webmaster Tools in the process! lol)

    In WordPress: General Settings:
    I had my site URL pointed to my ""...
    (...of course Google is going to index it like that...)

    So...I was messing around with tech support on a different issue...noticed it...changed it to my niche domain name - VIOLA! ;-)


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