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Thread: STOP! Read Me Before You Upgrade to WP 3.4

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    FYI all - Andy Bailey told me this morning he is working on an update to Comment Luv to address an issue with that re the WP3.4 update also - he's been working it and will have a CommentLuv update tomorrow to fix the conflict but it appears to only affect users who are also running a Caching plugin along with Comment Luv.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ChristineCobb View Post
    @Caroline -- do you by any chance have WP Super Cache? You might try clearing your cache. I also had this issue before upgrading WP with the setting to not cache for known users. As soon as I deselected that setting, the issue cleared up.
    Hi Chris - which particular issue are you referring to - the disappearing post?
    It's academic though because I don't have W3 Super Cache on the site. Like a few PlugIns they are created by technically competent people, but often they forget that non-technical people - that would be me - use them & don't understand how to set up the plugin.

    I did have this Plugin on the site at one point, but because I hadn't got it set up correctly, it actually slowed the site down and so I took it off. At which point would I need to put in on the site do you reckon? I can't be doing with learning about stuff until I need to as I either forget it and usually there's more pressing things to do.


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    In my line of work we always operate with a 3-tier landscape: Development->Test->Production (and sometimes even a Sandbox and a QA server thrown in)

    Overkill ofc for most businesses based on WP, but a 2-tier approach with Dev/Test->Production is easy to work with.

    Dev/Test is where you implement new plugins, upgrade plugins, themes and WP itself - so you can test it before going live in Production.

    Given the vast number of combinations of WP versions, plugins, widgets, themes, PHP versions, DB versions, custom mods etc you can almost be certain that your exact combination haven't been tested by the WP team and all the plugin, widget and theme developers.

    So to protect your productive environment from going belly up it makes sense to do your own integration testing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cindybidar View Post
    WooHoo! Thanks to Regina Smola and Gary Cornelisse, we have resolved this with a small hack to the .htaccess file.

    Remember, you only need to do this if you're giving people a link to your blog that looks like this:

    Thank you! - That fixed it for me.
    - Bal


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