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    I just looking for how others do this and/or if there are software packages available. I have a ba-zillion username/passwords with a ba-zillion different companies, websites, etc.

    I manage everything in an excel file...but just curious if anyone has better ideas.


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    There are MUCH better ways than an excel file, to be sure.

    I use and highly recommend LastPass. It's free, secure, syncs across multiple computers, and allows you to automatically log into any website with the click of a button. You can also "share" your passwords with outsourcers without ever having to reveal the actual passwords to them.
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    I just started using LastPass and it's much safer than using an excel sheet on a local computer. There is also Roboform but I went with LastPass as it was highly recommended.

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    A slight detour to your original question but I think it is worth repeating that with single sign-on password authentication, your defense chain is as strong as the weakest link: your local PC.

    1. Make sure to patch/update your OS frequently
    2. Make sure to use/update your Firewall / AV security software
    3. Pretend that you lost your laptop and think about what files and folder you would want to remain private, including your LastPass master key. Then use TrueCrypt (open source) to store them in an encrypted folder. Just make sure to read GRC's Password Haystacks (hxxps:// before creating your secure password.

    Finally, with our line of work, we are forced to surf lots of websites to collect info and there is always a chance that you will encounter "drive-by infection" websites. To counter that threat, use VirtualBox (free, open source) and Ubuntu (free, open source) inside a virtual machine. You can take a snapshot of the pristine install, then revert back to it after surfing a questionable site.

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    Only a ba-zillion passwords eh

    I too use Lastpass and I find it excellent.



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