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    Lightbulb How To Tell If...

    Hi, guys:

    How can you tell if your most RECENT blog posts are showing up in Google? Because for my ebook blog, I don't think I see my latest showing up.

    I ask because I went to Google to check on the authorship thingy, to see if my face is showing up in SERPS and not only did I not see my face, I couldn't find my recent posts. So please someone (anyone) have a look.

    Let me know.

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    Hi Missy,

    Are you referring to this post:

    I searched "5 Good Kindle Fire Covers For Men" on Google (with quotes) and it looks like they have indexed that post on your main page, but not the post itself. They've also picked up the post title & link from a number of other sources including G34 Media.

    It appears as if you only update that blog about once a week or so, so it could take up to a week for the spiders to index new posts/content.
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    Hi, Lynn:

    Yes! I see the post picked up from and from Zimbio. They are syndication sites. What you see from G34 Media is simply the link from my Twitter account - which is on the blog's sidebar.

    I guess I will give it another week or so, then check and see if they are indexed. They usually get indexed pretty quickly, so this is why I am wondering what's going on.

    Will check again next week. Thanks, Lynn.


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