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    Hey Everyone:

    I want to know if anyone has heard of empower network? Supposedly they say that it takes internet marketing to a whole new level. It is a network marketing business and it can cost up to $1625 to get all in. I was wondering if anyone has heard of this?


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    I have never heard of it but WOW that is a hefty start fee yikes. Not sure what they mean by taking Internet marketing to a whole new level. Sounds like an advertising/marketing ploy to me.

    Any type of marketing online is hard work and takes time, don't let anyone tell ya different.

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    They do say that you have to do your part of the work in order to make money with this business. People are paid 100% commissions, and there is residual income with this company. But to get people on your mailing list, you often have to invest extra money into it.

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    I have a friend who is with them now. I don't know how she is really doing with them but she does seem to like it. I'm with Angie though, that's a lot of money to me shelling out.
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