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Thread: Online store review/advice please

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    Quote Originally Posted by Just Kate View Post
    Hi Bob, I'm new to this forum, but I just wanted to give you some feedback too, I hope it helps you a bit.

    I notice you have a BC website, which is great, I have one too.

    1. Your meta tag on your home page is lacking. I think you currently have this:
    "Send Flowers - Powhaton Florists - Send Flowers online"

    Which is great, but could be better for search engines. This "meta tag" is easily fixed within the home page set up PAGE on BC backend, I'd be adding things that people will seach (ie. Keywords).

    Ideally you want buy flowers online (your areas)
    maybe even things like "quick, fast, cheap" whatever the keywords people are using to find you, that's what you want in your meta tag.

    2. Your description font on your product pages are not big enough. In fact, I'd loose the script font altogether. That's just me.

    3. I'd work a bit harder on the description, I'd get more photos, BC are great for showcasing products where vendors are willing put effort into the the descriptions, so take advantage of that. Many ecommerce sites simply can't do what BC can, so it will get you more conversions if your products are properly explained and photographed. Many people hold back from buying online because they simply don't get "sold" by the lack of info. Don't go crazy, but I'd be doing at least 3 times the text you have in those product descriptions.

    Also keep in mind your first line (i think it's 160 letters??? just google it to be sure) should be in Heading1 FONT - as the search engines look for this. Keywords, releavnt keywords - make the sentence work.

    3. The "about Me" page is all over the place. You'd be surprised how many people check the "About me" Page b4 buying, heaps. You want good photos, you want relevant and interesting text, and links to other relevant pages (in and out of your site) and you want a call to action somewhere there - ideally to buy!!!

    4. I'd lose the "site map" tab on nav bar - no one does this.

    5. You simply must have a "Shipping/delivery" tab on the nav menu bar, many buyers turn away when they cannot clearly define your delivery costs and procedure.

    6. What makes you different? Promote that on the homepage. EG. You might do same day deliveries - then promote this somewhere on your home page - make people want to order with you NOW.

    7. Selling flowers, no "Pin it" feature? - this would be good for your business. BC now have great "Pin It" share bars, search in their "help" section, and get it onto your page, it will help long term. If you dont' have a Pinterest Board, I think you should get one. There are so many flower lovers on Pinterst, I'm sure it will bring you sales. You can work on this traffic driving strategy when you are ready.

    There are so many things to consider with new sites, it take such a long time, I've barely touched the surface for things you could do. Just keep updating, copy what your competitors are doing, and try and do it better.

    Remember, websites are purely VISUAL. So it must look:

    a) Trustworthy
    b) Professional
    c) Reliable

    in order for anyone to even consider buying from you. AND then it has to look PRETTY - because you are selling pretty things!!!

    You'll get there!

    Thanks Kate,
    I agree BC is the best. I really appreciate all of the advice. To tell the truth it has been overwhelming. I try to get started on one thing and realize there are a million other things that need doing so I wind up jumping from thing to thing.
    I know that you eat an elephant one bite at a time but I swear I am choking on all of the little bites.

    Your list is a big help to get me focused.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Just Kate View Post
    Hey, I hear you!!! I am the queen of jumping - haha

    but yeah, best to write down what you want to do, in what order, and absolutely stick to it. Trust me, when you get to the end of the list, you will have to go back to the beginning and start over again (haha) as everything changes so much online, so it's just so frustrating, we have limited : Time, money and energy - and it is overwhelming, but keep it up - you've got a great business, a great site, you just need to refine that marketing edge, and really, that is a huge thing to define. But you gotta start somewhere right!!!

    I hear you...
    Kate one really dumb question. The meta tags: In BC is that the key words?

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