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Thread: Need way to make cash ASAP

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    Thanks Debra. I am ok now.

    Skill sets? I a m pretty good at editing pictures. Putting on a transparent background resizing etc. Definitely not an expert but pretty good.
    Not bad at writing.
    competent in MS word,
    I was a telephone repairman/installer for over 20 years both voice and Data.

    Its funny when someone ask me what my skill sets are I always feel like a deer caught in the headlights.

    What I really want to do is figure out a way to make a decent living online. I am having fair success with the e-commerce site for the flower shop but if we ever sold or closed the shop the website would go with that.

    I am want to do either an affiliate site or online store of some kind that I could do from anywhere.

    LOL I know that is what everyone on here is trying to do. I know it doesn't happen over night and takes a lot of work. I have learned that from the current site. I have also discovered that I like this kind of work.

    I have read or heard Lynne mention before that we all need to know what our ideal lifestyle is. I have been giving a lot of thought to that lately. For me It would be making a decent living off or a website or websites, living in a small town like I already do but having the ability to take off and go to the beach for a week and working there for a change of pace. I don't need the lifestyle of the rich and famous or infamous lol depending on who you talk to. Maybe 5k to 6K a month. I know that isn't peanuts but it isn't a kings ransom either. Just got to keep punching at it.

    sorry for the long post and hijack.

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    Love to hear about your ideal lifestyle. I strive for that too, although I want to live in Oklahoma to be near our granddaughter AND I want to own a home in the Caribbean. I imagine myself working with a view of the ocean and taking of to snorkel anytime I want. Oh yea!

    So what type of niche affiliate site would you want to start?

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    Not sure Angie. I have kind of started a list of possibilites to do keyword research for

    Cowboys ( old western movies)
    wood carving
    flowers ( couldn't be an affiliate for 1800 flowers, FTD or Teleflora etc. because I know what rottern bastards they are and how they have nearly destroyed the small florist.)
    out door furniture
    skate boards or something to do with college students or colleges I think they keep you young.

    I am with you about working where I could take a snorkel anytime I wanted. LOL it doesn't even have to be in the Carribean It can be at Chicoteague or the North Carolina outer banks.
    I am sure the list will grow but this is a short list of some topics I have thought about.
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    Bob, I don't think you've got time for the keyword approach. I'd suggest cutting some offline-to-online deals. For instance, I read about a guy who printed up a stack of flyers for a ClickBank product, took them to a big expo show and persuaded someone with a table to let him set out for the public. He bought them lunch and sent them a bonus after the sales came through-- $3K worth.

    That's the kind of out-of-box thinking you need to do in your situation. If you're experienced at setting up nice websites, sell a few offline businesses on some site setup and close them for monthly maintenance/SEO. If their site is lousy (and most are) show them how good your work is and offer to improve it. Charge businesses to set up their Google Places listings with pic and a blurb (some guys charge $300-$500).

    Since someone mentioned Warrior Forum, go to their Offline Marketing Discussions. There are tons of ideas, good and bad over there. Use your own discretion. Here's a thread someone put together linking to a bunch of offline goodies:

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    Thanks. I really am ok now. I wasn't going to lose my house or anything just a really major hick up. I have gotten it worked out. I really do appreciate the ideas about the Clickbank products and the website idea and google maps. I think sometimes because we know how to do things like the google maps, websites etc. we assume that everyone does so there must not be a lot of value in it. A good example is I was a Telephone guy for over 20 years. Now wiring a jack isn't brain surgery but you would be amazed at how many folks are stymied by it. That isn't nearly as good of a skill as it once was because cell phones are rapidly replacing land lines but the principle is the same.
    I appreciate you reminding me that because I know how to do something it doesn't mean that everyone knows how and wouldn't pay for it.

    You buys are the best. The care and inspiration here is incredible.


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