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Thread: The Safety of Your Computer is Important re: DNS Changer

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    Default The Safety of Your Computer is Important re: DNS Changer

    This is the story as reported in November 2011 from The FBI.

    The first link under the image on the webpage above is a pdf with very good instructions on how to check both your computer and your router.

    If you happen to be infected, you may lose internet connection on Monday July 9, 2012.

    I'm also seeing references to an ability to access your passwords and other sensitive data.

    Here is another information pages from The FBI, but I found the pdf more helpful, especially if you don't already know what your ip addresses are.

    If you want additional information just do a web search with something like "dns changer" or "dns malware"

    The link above allows you to test whether your system has been infected.

    Don't take just my word on this. Do your own research. But my suggestion would be to do that research before the 9th.

    Another page which has more information and links to how to fix it is here:

    Hopefully no one finds they are infected as from what I'm reading a full hard drive and os install is required because of how and where the infection can access.
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