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Thread: Bank Merchant Facilities for Australia - eg for clickbank etc

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    Default Bank Merchant Facilities for Australia - eg for clickbank etc

    Hi everyone.

    I've heard such terrible things about Paypal (and even Google checkout) holding onto commission for high sales products - especially digital products, I really want to sort out my own bank merchant.

    It is often hard to sort out non-paypal checkouts with many online API's as they only allow you to use US bank acocunts (or merchants like - for eJunkie - but we can't join form Australia - we need US account) which means we HAVE to use Paypal or Google checkout

    So, although I prefer to use eJunkie, I guess Clickbank would be better for an affiliate product I want to sell and promote soon, so my question is do Clickbank pay instantly, or to our Aus bank account (or checks)???

    I can't work out their "help" page to save myself, online instructions are often so conveluted, it drives me nuts (and wastes my time), so I thought I'd pick your brain on this one Lyn, and anyone else with any relevant non-US merchant ideas or tips!

    thanks guys

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    Hey Kate from a fellow Aussie

    I use paypal for alot of my stuff without any problem. As for clickbank they don't pay instantly because they hold onto stuff for money back guarantee, returns etc, but they do pay directly into your bank account once all that's settled. They are a reputable company and I've had no problems with them. Another option is to pay a yearly fee for something like, they act as a third party and you can accept credit card payments. I think you can go directly to your bank and ask them for a merchant account as well.
    Good luck

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    hi jedha - thank you so much for that, it appears you are the only person who can help me with this one, so I'm very grateful you've taken the time to reply (maybe it's a "local" thing!)

    I didn't know clickbank hold onto the money, that is kinda like paypal (although I think paypal hand over most of it straight away). So paypal may be better in this way.

    I was hoping to use clickbank to sell my product, but with my own checkout (ie. MY merchant account, not clickbank holding my money). So that's a surprise to me, and good to know.

    Do you use

    I've approached my bank, westpac, and yes, I can get a merchant account with them, although they want $350 upfront, - I was on the phone the other day arguing with them saying "i've been with your bank for 20 years and you want me to pay you $350 to push a few buttons!! P/off - You should be grateful I'm still banking with you!! I haven't won them over yet, but i'm nearly there to getting a refund on the upfront fees. I'm happy to pay their $25pm ongoing fee (which you don't have to pay with paypal) but thier commissions on sales are lower, so it pans out I guess.

    But I prefer this because my bank wont hold my money back if $10K goes in overnight. And this is my main concern with people like paypal and clickbank.


    Where abouts are you in Oz?

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    I think eway is $350 a year. Most merchant accounts will have a setup fee so the bank is not trying to rip you off

    I'm 1 hour north of Sydney, where are you?

    Good luck with the merchant thing

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    Im in cold melbourne

    yeah, I think it will be easier to go thru westpac cause I have a business account there already. they're just a rip off I reckon!


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    thanks for the Payza tip, I've never heard of that one, not sure if that is any diff to Paypal actually. But good to know there are other alternatives if you need them!

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    Kate - I'm interested to know what your concern is with Paypal holding back some of your money if you deposit a large amount in a short period of time.

    Is this an urban myth, or has it happened. Have you contacted them to check it out and understand what could cause this? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on this.


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    Hi Caroline, Paypal is concerned with high sales of digital download products, due to refund rates. I know one lady personally who had $30K held for 60 days (she fought hard to get it, but Paypal are a law unto themselves, they're not a bank, they can do what they want - that's what you sign up for when you use them).

    If you google this, you will find plenty of cases. Also, I see it a lot in the digital product creation forums etc, people often saying their account has been shut down by paypal, they dont always say why, I assume it's refunds.

    I also personally know of a large IM who just had his paypal account shut. He explained to me that it was due to the risk of his turn over, paypal just didn't want to risk that kind of product in large numbers anymore. He was shut down 2 months ago.

    Basically, they'd rather people use Paypal for physical products, but they tolerate digital products, providing refunds are low, and you agree to their terms (ie. They can hold back your money if they want to).



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