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Thread: Where do you get your PLR? Subscribers???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Just Kate View Post
    Yeah, it wouldn't be worth paying a US lawyer for, the culprit is probably not in the US either. He probably needs a croatian lawyer. But I wouldn't pay, I'd get onto the website host and show the content is in breach of copyright.

    I remember a blogger writing about his experience of paying a GIG for help with his PC, and the Fiverr guy said if he didn't pay him a $1000 he would crash the guys whole website. So yes, people like this do exist, right now, all over the internet. It drives home that we have to be very careful with our backups and who we give our confidential information to. You just never know!

    Here's the guys blog where he tells his story.
    Wow, that RXSEO guy went to Fiverr to find someone to secure his network of websites. That's a bit mind-boggling. After Fiverr takes their $1, the Fiverr peeps gets $4 (even less after paypal fees), you're not going to find network security experts willing to work for $4.

    I like Fiverr, it's a great site for little jobs. That's why they call it a "micro job" site. But to hand over your cPanel login data to someone on there is nuts.

    Hard lesson to learn for that guy.

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    I know Alan, as if someone reputable is going to do that kind of work for $4. Caveat Emptor 101 on this one. I feel sorry for him, but I'm thinking, what were you thinking!!

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    awesome lists thanks ladies :-)
    i think i found a link to on lynn's blog - you might like that one too although it´s on a monthly base it also offers video PLR

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    Here are a couple more that I really like and use:
    Tiffany Dow's
    Nicole Dean's
    Wendy Wood's

    Tiffany runs $1.00 and $5.00 sales periodically where she sells everything in her plr store for those prices even her $40 and up plr ebooks, but you need to be on her mailing list to get the offer.


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