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Thread: Where do you get your PLR? Subscribers???

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    Default Where do you get your PLR? Subscribers???

    There's a few out there, and I'm about to sign up with one and it's $47 for 3months, I'm a bit nervous, what if they're not that good. Also, another site has caught my eye ($67 one time fee)

    Does anyone want to share where they get their PLR from, the cost, and the quality of it (ie. regular updates etc)...

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    There are some good ones here in the Special Offers forum.

    It depends on what you're looking for as well. I like Tiffany Dow's PLR Mini Mart - it's go lots of topics and types of PLR. (aff. link)
    Alice Seba -
    Melissa Ingold -
    Peggy Baron -
    Ruth Pound -
    Nicole Dean -

    I can't think of any others off the top of my head. I've never heard of either of those places, but that's not unusual.
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    Nicole Dean has excellent PLR at I wouldn't pay $47 for 3 months. What kind of PLR are they going to give you? Is it exactly what you need for your niche? Nicole's PLR ranges in price but it's detailed and excellent quality. Good luck

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    thanx jed, I checked it out and will think about it, I can see after you've bought a few the cost would add up quickly, but she def covers the topics I'd want to cover. I'll buy a few and see how I go with that first!

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    Minna's reply above (which was moderated - so you may have missed it) covers my list too.
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    oh wow, thanks for that list Minna!

    I did miss it Lynn, don't know how :/

    but all good now, I'll have to pop over and visit those sites tomorrow!

    Thanks guys.

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    hi guys, thanks for those lists, I think I prefer one where it is a one off fee, either monthly or annually, rather than buying each piece one at a time. So I think I might try plrmonthly and see how that goes!

    Thanks for the ideas, anymore ideas anyone has I'm more than happy to hear from you, even if it's just to tell me which plr site is the best (or worst) and why...

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    What kind of plr are you looking for? Specific niche or general? Reason I ask is that Ruth Pound has a few PLR memberships. One for Fitness PLR Monthly, Product PLR Monthly, and Toy PLR Monthly

    Also, one of our Elite members does business plr. It is from Sharyn Sheldon. her site is: Business Content PLR
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    Default by Lisa Stoops by Nathan Devlin by Patti ? by Ronnie Nijme

    I also check out the warriorforum now and then, since many of the PLR sellers mentioned above sometimes have some really good offers or WSO's.

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    I've really enjoyed working with Easy Article Starters and Jiffy Articles.

    You can see live examples of the posts/articles I've done with them listed in this post:

    While I like PLR, and still use it plenty, these two tools really speed up all my writing!
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