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Thread: Where do you get your PLR? Subscribers???

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    that's wonderful tips guys, I'll go check them out.

    I think for me personally, I woldn't ever use PLR on a blog, but that's just me - maybe in the future???
    I was really thinking for autoresponder content, you know the kind (value value value - then affiliate sale) strategy.

    So nice info, not particularly unique, but quality up to date stuff, that many people are interested, kind of blogging and making money online kind of info (no diet or stuff like that).

    Anyways, I'll def get to these. I joined that site which cost me $47 for 3 months access. They seem to be a bit up the duff atm, I had to email them and pay direct thru their paypal account, their online payment processesor didn't work. But once in, I found it quite good. Lots of PLR MRR and software, eBooks, articles etc. You can download as much as you want for 3mths.

    That suits me for now, but nice to know what else you guys look to for future reference!


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    Wow, I just checked out the site and was really shocked! This is the exact same site that was hacked by the owner of a few months ago. I used to be a member of about 2 years ago. Check out this thread at the warriorforum. Goran, the real owner of moved his site to Not even sure he knows about this site yet. The only difference of the home pages of these two sites is the text on top of the homepage of
    The site Has been Move To
    We have a problem with the domain company
    All file Have rights
    Thank you

    Having said that, about using PLR on your own sites, I bought a few PLR packs from Lisa Stoops a few months ago. I had the articles rewritten by I put up a site, and the last two months I have earned about $600 in adsense money from that site :-) Easiest money I ever made!

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    There is one more thing that is fishy about, if you click the support button on this site, and then click the support button at, you'll see that idplr has a support system. The thing that shows up if you click the support button at kind of speak for itself. My other post is awaiting moderation for some reason, but I presume it will show up soon.

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    hi Kristin
    You know I hear what you are saying.
    So what happened was I went to and went to "buy now" to get the $47 3mth access. It wouldn't work. I can't remember how, but I got the email address and emailed them direct. Someone emailed me back (clearly non-english - poor grammar - author) and said pay this paypal account and I will give you access. I didn't for a few weeks, but they'd given me access anyway. So I downloaded a couple of the docs (which I thought were free (silver) as oppossed to a membership product (gold)) and then I got an email saying if I wanted access I had to pay. The access they gave me was only temporary. So I thought about it for a week and decided to go ahead. I paid the paypal account, emailed them to tell them, and they replied "great - you have access now".

    So I've used it a bit for this n that, and had no problems.

    I just think they way they knew of my activity on the site, they must own it. It was odd, but I understand how internet payment processers can be troublesome with paypal, and I imagine they have had their original account with paypal shut down, so they sent me their private one (or something like that). I thought ok, I'll gamble it, because if it goes to s*it I'll claim back my money from paypal under a dispute.

    So, that's my take on it all. I've had no problems downloading, and all the downloads come with a inditigalworks PLR notice, so they appear to be in development I guess.

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    Hi Kate, I am sorry if I made it sound like yo did something wrong. That was really not my intention. English is not my first language either. You obviously purchased the membership in good faith, and if I were you I would download everything I wanted as soon as possible. And yes, in a way they "own" the site, since they got access to all products and the database of the store by hacking it.

    Goran managed to get the hacked indigitalworks site closed after a lot of hassle, and he also managed to get the database restored. That is probably why this other store is hosted at and not stopped adding new products after the hack, while Goran at still ads products weekly. The fact that all products come with a PLR notice is not that strange, since all the proucts come form originally.

    Another thing that is weird, is that I can login to both stores. Which proves that both stores have access to the database until a certain date I'll guess.

    Nevertheless, I am not affiliated with any of the stores, I just think Goran is an honest guy. And does not look like an honest business to me.

    But again, I don't think you did anything wrong by becoming a member.
    I just think that people/members should know about this "story".

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    hi K!

    No I didn't think you thought anything wrong with me! haha

    But i see your point, if you are saying they stole all that PLR docs, I'm surprised Goran doesn't legally try to shut them down! Clearly that is plagarism unless they stole it, and they certainly don't have the right to sell it to me.

    I'll have to ask them are they intending to add any more products!

    I wonder if Goran knows who they are. I have their details if he wants them!

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    I don't have enough posts at the warrior forum to send him a pm, but I guess you could send a support ticket through and give him the info. From the thread in WF, he seemed kind of helpless to me. He is from Croatia, and probably needs help from a US or someone who knows what to do with this kind of stuff.

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    yeah I don't think I'll be contacting him, that would not appeal to me. I'm sure he knows what is going on anyway.

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    That should be: help from a US lawyer :-) I agree, he probably knows. I was just shocked that this happened again, I really don't understand how someone can live with themselves, doing "business" that way. I guess he have learned a lesson and secured his new site better.

    Anyway, thanks for the reminder about the site, I think I'll sign up for another three months. I saw a few things there that I really need.

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    Yeah, it wouldn't be worth paying a US lawyer for, the culprit is probably not in the US either. He probably needs a croatian lawyer. But I wouldn't pay, I'd get onto the website host and show the content is in breach of copyright.

    I remember a blogger writing about his experience of paying a GIG for help with his PC, and the Fiverr guy said if he didn't pay him a $1000 he would crash the guys whole website. So yes, people like this do exist, right now, all over the internet. It drives home that we have to be very careful with our backups and who we give our confidential information to. You just never know!

    Here's the guys blog where he tells his story.


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