The TOP question both at the live webinar and here in the forum has been "how to create awesome image graphics with text that compel people to share and click." Just today I found a resource that will help you do that - and it's super easy!


These image templates are super cool. And don't worry, it doesn't require expensive software. You'll be able to create awesome images and infographics for Pinterest, Facebook and even your website using a free graphics program.

If you listened in to the free webinar, you already know how important it is for your image to engage the viewer. This is what will get pins, shares, likes, and engagement. And using images like this in your blog post will pull your visitors straight into your content too! I was just thinking also, that this may be a GREAT way to create those awesome Facebook Timeline cover graphics...

At the very least, look at the examples and watch the quick video here:

You do not have to be "a creative" or a designer with these templates. This is your opportunity to create professional looking graphics, without having to pay for them or spend hours learning technical software features. Enjoy!