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Thread: Input desired on new joint venture material.

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    Default Input desired on new joint venture material.

    Hi everyone,

    I've been discussing my situation with others on another thread here and it has become evident that there might be some opportunity for me to joint venture with an internet marketer to provide support to those among their subscribers who want or need to create fast, efficient web sites.

    That support would come by way of a series of lessons that I would provide the Internet marketer with to use as they see fit in giving them out to their subscribers through a newsletter, being put into e-book form, or whatever else they might want to do with them. As long as a link to my web site was kept intact.

    This is all very preliminary mind you so what I am looking for is input on the lessons I am putting together. I am still working out the details of this joint venture. In other words I need guinea pigs to read some of my lessons and give me their honest, forthright opinion on them. As to whether they are any good, useful, worth reading, whatever.

    It would be unreasonable for me to approach big name internet marketers with large lists if my lessons were anything less than the very best they could be.

    Is that something I can get input on from this forum? By posting my lessons and making them available to all with a view to getting input? You all know my web site address already (it's always in my signature) so the main thing I am looking for is honest input.

    Besides some here might gain something from my e-course lessons for their own benefit. I won't necessarily be posting links to all lessons, assuming I can get input on this here, just least initially.

    It all depends on whether I get valuable input here on them and whether one's who read them gain valuable information from them.

    Most likely I will want to post links to the lessons hosted at my web site instead of posting the full lesson in a post here. No membership or otherwise will be required to see these lessons at my site (through that may change in the future). These lessons will not generally be available elsewhere if I get enough input on them from this least not until I am ready to joint venture with someone and am happy with their state.

    Is this something I can do here? Post links to lessons and get input on them? I am after the input, not the increased traffic or anything else though certainly any increase in traffic or otherwise would be nice too. But that's not what I am mainly interested in. I just need help to better gauge how my lessons comes across, how well written they are, whether what the lessons talk about is even worth doing a joint venture with...that type of thing.

    Better for me to work out the kinks in my lessons and joint venture idea now than to work them out later after I have initiated to joint venture with someone.

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    Hi Carlos,

    Yes, you are welcome to post links to your lessons for members to review.
    Lynn Terry
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    Thanks Lynn!

    You'll have to forgive me when I ask about this sort of thing and just bear with me as I continue to learn what is acceptable and not here. I don't think I have ever participated in a forum that so openly allows members to post what is useful and appropriate in the context of what is being talked about as your forum here (well..with the exception of my own forum of course where I am free to post whatever I want LOL).

    I will post a link to my first lesson later. This whole lesson joint venture idea that has been suggested to me at another thread here may go nowhere but it does like it has some potential.

    We'll see.

    Thanks again for your understanding and willingness to let me get valuable input from your members here.



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