... that's the big trick.

Earlier today, I mentioned in the Clicknewz Elite Forum, that I was hesitant about having the word mentor in my domain name.

So then I was thinking out loud about all the things that come up for me when I hear the word "mentor" to see if I might understand the "hesitation" about using the word.

What I came up with was this:

I believe a mentor is someone who has done it or who is doing it and can guide individuals around the pitfalls, they know what's ahead. They know the different stuck places because they've experienced many, if not most of them personally.

A coach is someone who can guide you, not because they've done it, but because they watch carefully,
learn and remain observant to the varying nuances of doing it and can help be a mirror for you to help correct your form and bring out your best.

Both a mentor and a coach invest their time and energy into knowing and learning, but they approach the subject area from different angles and perspectives.

Based on where I am today, I fit the definition of a coach, ergo my hesitation with having the word mentor in my domain name.

Yet, I realize based on my own ideas about the differences between the two, I want to have the experience. That's what will move me into being comfortable calling myself a mentor.

Of course, once there, I'm sure some new to way to stretch my comfort zone will show up. I have no problem with that. That's the beauty of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, you're always growing your comfort zone.

I thought I'd share my mental thought process with you ask what you're currently taking action on even though it's uncomfortable?

If you're not taking action, I'd like to challenge you to take action that stretches your comfort zone. Then take another one and another.

I'd love to know what action you've taken or what action you'll challenge yourself to take. Hit reply and share.

And remember, you don't have to step out of your comfort zone, instead, find the edges and puuuush.