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    I've been seeing an advertisement all over the place lately...which has me thinking. lol

    This 'nameless' advertisement is basically for a single product...but it's in a HUGE market. Would I be fooling myself thinking that (as a newbie) I could simply put up a little niche site for this product with good keywords, write quality content, backlink and make a little something?!? ...or would most people say that the market leaders are probably all over the place and the BIG markets have the BEST marketers in forget it.

    Just posing the question...


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    Well, the only way you'll find "good" keywords associated with a very well known product would be focus on a much narrow sub-niche related to it. If the huge niche is electric toothbrushes, you might focus on laser guided electric toothbrushes with lithium batteries. Or the keywords might be related to the market, thus electric toothbrushes for cross country truck drivers or something like that.

    I think lots of marketers use huge niche ranges as a starting point. With very established big niches, it can be very difficult, though, since it's likely been heavily exploited by marketers already. If it's something new that some big company is hyping to the moon, though, there might be some reachable room in it for you.

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    My advice is to never create a website about a product or a merchant.

    I only create sites on TOPICS.

    I learned that lesson the hard way. :P
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