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    I want to start a health site and obviously I am not a health expert, I just have a lot of interest in the topic. I have purchased numerous books over the years on various health topics and am wondering if it's legal for me to use the content in the books as a source for my web content? I am talking along the lines of majorly rewriting or summing up content that I read on particular topics.

    Of course I understand that you can't steal someone's concept or republish content taken from somewhere but aren't facts just facts, can't we "rephrase" them in our own words? When I write about calories and antioxidants I am not reinventing the wheel here so I don't see an issue. Am I missing something?

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    Hi Kim,

    It's best to cite and quote your sources, and you can often do this with an affiliate or referral link to the source as well. It makes for a great lead-in to an article by saying something like, "This week I've been reading XYZ and I was particularly interested in their list of ABC" - then you can share the list, linking to the source, and add your own thoughts to flesh out the post or article.
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    There is some great Health related PLR out there also that you could use. Tiffany Dow has some on her website, Nicole Dean has some health PLR on her site Both have quality plr that would give you a base for your articles also, along with Lynn's fantastic advice about a lead in.

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