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This first training video will completely change the way you do your marketing.

You can watch it free here...

Every now and then, Jeff Walker releases a series of free training videos... and it's always a complete internet marketing education all by itself. Jeff usually does it as part of the warm-up for his next Product Launch Formula class, but whatever the reason, it's always a really good idea to register for his trainings - because they're just that good!

The price is right... it won't cost you anything (other than your email address).

In this first video you'll learn:

- Why the sales letter is dead
- How you can use the "Sideways Sales Letter" to multiply your sales, starting NOW
- How this *one* change can quickly take your marketing from sleepy to DEADLY effective

Enjoy! :-)

Lynn Terry

p.s. These training videos won't stay online for long. Check this first video out today so you can stay in the loop!