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Thread: Attn: Bloggers - are you interested in an interview with me for my new iTunes podcast

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    Default Attn: Bloggers - are you interested in an interview with me for my new iTunes podcast

    Hi everyone

    I've started a NEW podcast show on iTunes, it's called Blogger Interviews.

    I'm particularly interested in interviewing bloggers (new and old) about what you blog about, why, what you get from it, what you love and hate about it, any tips you may have for other bloggers based on your experience.

    I'm also keen to discuss your growth pattern and if you have products, I'd love to discuss them too.

    Basically, we can disucss anything relevant to your blog and it goes normally around 20-30mins.

    Anyway, if you're interested, you can go hear my first interview here, or on iTunes under Blogger Interviews Podcast Show.

    I want to do around two per week, so the more the merrier. You don't have to be a big blogger per se, just an honest one!

    (contact me at my inbox on the forum, or via my blog

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    Hi, @Kate:

    Nice idea. I would be open to an interview but can it be text based, or does it have to be on audio? Maybe you can do it via text and then upload on audio somehow.

    Let me know.


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    Hi Missy - I'd love to chat with you, can you do skype? Text based wouldn;t work atm...


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    Yikes! 149 views, only one person interested... That's a shame...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Just Kate View Post
    Yikes! 149 views, only one person interested... That's a shame...
    Hi Kate:

    I was the one who asked if the blogger has to be an elite member. I have a friend who has two blogs and has been consistently writing for both. She has also published a book.

    I think you said non members would be great. I will be seeing her this evening and I will mention this to her.
    And I will send her to the link you included. Would that be OK?

    And when I am further along with Michele Uncorked, I would be happy to do one with you myself.

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    kate, would love to! i am a blogger for some years now and just launched a new site ( so i´d love to be interviewed :-)

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    Hi Michelle & Monja!

    I'm so pleased to hear from you both, and yes Michelle, get them to email me at, and where should I hook up with you too Monja?

    I can't tell you how difficult it has been to get the show interview's set up, people are just so busy, but my first interview with Melinda has had heaps of views, and I've done very little to promote it. As I promote the show over the next few months, it will just grow and grow, and people will come back and list to your interview if we get the keyword relevance right for what we chat about! So good onya! and thanks again!!

    Btw, I've found it easier to line up interviews with big name bloggers like James Schrmako, Zac Johnson and so on, rather than the smaller bloggers like us. So I'm just so surprised, I guess in time people will hear about the show and be able to listen to more past interviews to give them the confidence to do an interview.

    It really is a wise decision for any blogger who wants to spread the word about their blog or their product/services... and it's free, takes 30mins - win win win I say!

    Please email me asap so we can line up a chat next week if that fits for your guys!



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    and the flip side of getting the bigger name interviewees like James & Zac is they will promote this show to their list - great for all of us...

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    Kate - I'm very happy to be interviewed. I blog about books and travel here - so if that is appropriate for your show, let me know... you can get hold of me at


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    Hi Suzi
    Def a great blog topic, not that it really matters, everyone blogs for different reasons I guess...
    I'll send you an email!


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